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    In leadership of Industry technology
    Based on European concept of devising and producing standard, Shandong Huge never stop breaking the olds, created lots of proprietary IPR outputs with core competitive advantage to face with the rival market. Meantime, we are not blind in only developing the products to be the industrial leader. What we aim to do is to make our advanced producing experience and standard into the “Industry standard”, to dedicate something for our field.

    In 2012, Our “Pharma Grade Double-tubesheet Heat Exchanger – Industry Standard” gained the MIIT’s approval and got publicized. This has be a symbol of our uniqueness of drafting this industry standard. 

    About the purification in pharmacy industry, the latest GMP’s requirement is getting rigorous than before. The producing standard of pharmacy CIP equipment has been still waiting to be settled. For which, Shandong Huge drafted Industry standard of pharmacy CIP in 2012, and got permission through specialist. We became the starters of this industry standard, thus getting joined in core suppliers of medicinal outfit field.